Spend the Day at Cabrini

Religion 8

In this course students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and practice their Catholic faith. Students explore the Bible and encounter the history of the Church, the Mass, and the life of Mother Cabrini.

Religion I:

This course is designed to help the students grow in their journey of faith by developing a greater understanding of the Bible.  Sacred Scripture will be studied from a Catholic, biblical, historical, and personal approach.  The life and works of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini are also a focus of the coursework.

Religion II:

This course is designed for students to achieve a better understanding of Catholic beliefs.  The primary objective is for students to increase their awareness of Catholic beliefs and their knowledge of Catholicism.  Students will achieve a better understanding of the Catholic Church.

The Sacraments component of the course examines an integral part of the Catholic faith - the seven sacraments.  Students will be able to define and explain the basic definition of a sacrament. In particular, the sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and Service will be inspected.  The goal of this course is for students to grow in their sacramental lives and in their faith.

Religion III:

Students will learn and apply the principles of Catholic Social Justice.  Students will examine major injustices in the world today.  Students will walk the two-steps of CSJ by participating in a service learning project.  The second semester will challenge students to make personal decisions based on God's laws of morality by exploring life issues.  In class discussions, writings, and classwork, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to make wise, loving, moral judgments and live in a Christ-like manner.

Religion IV:

This may be the last formal religion class for many students. With that in mind, the course is intended to review past topics, setting a foundation of sound knowledge of Catholicism and challenging each student to live out her baptismal call.  Special attention will be given to topics concerning the future life of the student including basic Catholic knowledge, relationships, and vocations.  At the end of this course, the student will have the knowledge and skills to build her life as a Catholic Christian.

Campus Ministry

The focus of this class is to broaden the students’ knowledge and understanding of Catholic Spirituality, which is centered in the experience of Catholic liturgy and other Catholic prayers.  Students will build upon knowledge gained through other religion courses.  Students will plan and actively lead portions of all school liturgies, para-liturgies, and prayer experiences.