A Resource for Parents and Students

As part of its commitment to full, accurate communications with parents, Cabrini is one of the few secondary schools in the area to provide student academic progress reports and assignments on-line through the use of a secure login. This resource provides parents with the ability to access their daughter’s up-to-date homework, quiz, test, and project grades and to track their daughter’s academic progress. Through a link on the Cabrini website, each parent and student is provided with access to the EDLINE program where they can activate their personal account, and set a screen name and a secure password.

Parents no longer have to wait for report cards to know their daughter’s current average. While Parent/Teacher Conferences provide the best opportunity for personal communication between parents and teachers, EDLINE provides parents with ongoing updates about their daughter’s latest progress throughout the year. Too, if parents have questions regarding grades, they can contact the teacher by email or by phone and communicate with them directly using real time reports.

Because every faculty member has a homepage for each class, students are able to easily access assignments and homework requirements from home or from any computer with Internet access.

Click here to access Cabrini's Edline page