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How to use the Louisiana Library Connection


Louisiana Library Connection is a program containing over 30 reference databases, which is open to Louisiana's public library cardholders. It is available from any computer with Internet access.

A valid public library card number is needed to use Louisiana Library Connection.

To use it, type in the URL http://lalibcon.state.lib.la.us at the address line of an Internet browser.


From the address box of the Internet browser screen, type in http://www.cabrinihigh.com/ then click the “Library” link which is located under “Academics” at the top of the page. At the library page, click on the “Louisiana Library Connection” link.

The next screen will begin the login process.

Choose the library system listed on the library card (for example, “New Orleans Public Library” or “Jefferson Parish Public Library”), and click "Select".

At the next screen, type in the numbers and/or letters on the library card, and click "Enter".

The next screen will show a list of all databases. Decide which one to use and click it to enter. Follow directions on the screen for each database.

(For future easy access to the above site, make a shortcut to your computer's desktop. From either of the sites, click on "File" to highlight it, scroll down to "Send", and go over to "Shortcut to Desktop". This should put an icon to Cabrini High website on the computer's desktop screen.)

See the other side of this page (part 2) for a list of the available databases classified by the subjects taught at Cabrini High. Good luck!