In Memoriam


Marie R. Pattin mother of Claudette Pattin Davis ’63

Tom “Tommy” Denmark husband of Rosalie Cancienne Denmark ’63

Lia Besalu mother of Elena Besalu Valenti ’63

Ann Taliancich Magri Kelley '65

Mary Anselmo Catalanotto mother of Mary Catalanotto Spain ‘65

Charles Joseph Campbell father of Judy Campbell ’63 and Virginia Campbell Betz ‘65

Eunice Schwandt Landry mother of Eunice “Honey” Landry Durel ‘66

Frank H. Anthony, Jr. father of Deborah Anthony Roth ‘69

Richard L. “Bouncy” Gallois, Sr. father of Hope Gallois Branch ‘69

Constance “Connie” Green Fontenot class of 1971

Joyce Anne Corcoran Fontenelle mother-in-law of Sheila McInerney Fontenelle ‘74

Holly Aymami '77

Danny Condon husband of Loralie Michel Condon ‘80

Sandra R. Sanders mother of Jill Cardinale Floyd ’83 and grandmother of Tiffany Floyd ‘11

Rena Mae Dixon mother-in-law of Michelle Preyan Dixon ‘85

Angelique Nolan '90

Steven K. McCombs father of Shannon McCombs Howes ’89

John R. Smestad, Sr. father of Marie Smestad Parra ‘96

Wayne A Maiorana father of Marci Maiorana Nunez ‘99

Georgia Hannie Brocato Mason grandmother of Abby Brocato ’00 and Adrienne Brocato ’03 and mother-in-law of Donna Corona Brocato ‘70

Laverne Marchand Nagin grandmother of Tia Nagin ‘02, Nichole Bevrotte Nagin ’03, and Fatima Nagin ‘05

Raelyn Elaine Bordelon daughter of Casey Regan Bordelon’ 05 niece of Jaime’ Regan ’06 and Erin Regan ‘09

Douglas Rodney Meyer step-father of Tracey Falgoust DeSoto ‘05

Chase James LaCombe son of Jennifer LaCombe ‘06

Carroll Landry father of Ava Landry ’12 and Ali Landry ’18

Brooke Posey step-sister of Lauryn Lee ’17

Paul Ledet grandfather of Isabella Wallace ’17

Matthew Ousset father of Maci Ousset ’14

Grady Bowman grandfather of current Crescent Grace Bell ’21

Maryjane Hovart grandmother of Madison Hallingworth ‘21

Norman Snell father of Steve Snell staff member



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