Cabrini Distinguished Educator Award
L-R: Lisa Moree, Katie Hernandez Krajcer'03, Robin Hartdegen, Catherine Papia, Cindy Sprague
    • Lisa Moree — St. Christopher
      nominated by Victoria Duke’20
    • Katie Hernandez Krajcer’03 — St. Catherine of Sienna
nominated by Savannah Schenck’20
    • Robin Hartdegen — St. Ann
nominated by Gabrielle Taylor’20 and Brooke Cuccia’20
    • Catherine Papia — St. Anthony Padua
nominated by Mia Morrell’20
    • Cindy Sprague — St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton
nominated by Sophia Brouillette’17

      The genesis of the Distinguished Educator Award came from the recognition paid by a Louisiana university to selected outstanding high school teachers. Scholarship students at the university were given the opportunity to nominate the high school teacher who made the greatest positive impact on them during their secondary school years. At least two Cabrini teachers have been honored with this award. For many years, the administration and students at Cabrini have considered various ways to honor those elementary school teachers who prepare the outstanding students who come to Cabrini. This award is the result.

      What does the award mean? The Cabrini Distinguished Educator Award is presented to elementary school teachers who have done an outstanding job of preparing their students to succeed in high school. Cabrini students who have demonstrated outstanding character and hold a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher were given the opportunity to nominate the elementary school teacher who made the biggest positive impact on their lives. Each student was asked to write briefly about why they chose to nominate the teacher and the impact their nominee had on them.

      Once the students submitted their nominations, the nominees were reviewed by a committee comprising Cabrini faculty and staff. That committee discussed the nominees and chose the honorees for the Cabrini Distinguished Educator Award.

      We congratulate these distinguished educators and thank each of them for all they have done for us.