Mother, I pray that God would grant me clarity to see my mission with the focus that you saw yours.

Mother, why did you choose me? I am imperfect and a sinner though I suppose we all are. Why did you bring me to your family table?  Do I have the strength within me to be a Little Violet? Even when I strayed, you welcomed back your prodigal daughter. Will I show you the undying loyalty that you have shown your children? Am I strong enough? Do you forgive me mother? Does God forgive me? What can I do to serve?

Pray for me mother. I want the strength to be a Little Violet. I need the strength to suffer. I want to see you one day, mother. I am willing to travel the difficult road that leads to that great day. Will you be there at the gate to welcome me?

Your work never ends mother but for that you have our eternal admiration; you shepherd us. Can I be a shepherd too? Forgive me mother. Help me to be more like you. I will see my mission. I will complete my mission. I know that it is impossible for me to fail if only I have the strength to try. Mother, I will look. Mother, I will see. Mother, I will find those that you have put before me to shepherd; I will serve them. Mother, just as you followed the example of a shepherd, I will follow the example of a shepherd.

Help me to know always that it is God’s will to be done. God continually forgives. He forgave you. He forgives me.

I will serve. I will continue the way that you blazed.

In Jesus’ name,