Cabrini Abigail MarkeyAbigail Markey’19 has been selected participate in the prestigious Donald W. Wood, Sr. Vocal Competition of the New Orleans Opera Association in October.

The competition is a collaborative effort with Loyola University of New Orleans – College of Music and Fine Arts Preparatory Program, Newcomb Department of Music, Tulane University, and the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. It will be held at Freda Lupin Memorial Hall at the New Orleans Center for the Creative arts.

Abigail Markey has been training for the past five years under local opera singer and vocal coach, Alan Payne and studying theater with the Archbishop High School Genesian Players under the direction of Mrs. Carol Eshleman. Mrs. Eshleman located this competition and contacted Abigail and Payne, who is also the Genesian musical director. Together they collaborated to record audition tracks of Abby’s vocals which were required for entrance to the competition. Her track was accepted by the New Orleans Opera Association.

For the competition, participants must be prepared to sing three songs from standard classical literature where one selection is either in Italian, French, or German and one selection is in English. (However, only one selection may be from musical. Judges may also ask participants to sing a portion of one of their three songs, so they must be prepared to possibly sing all three.

In Round 2, approximately 10 Semi-Finalists will be selected by the judges from Round 1 to participate in Round 2. Round 2 singers should be ready to sing their most technically difficult and most impressive song. Four winners will be selected from Round 2 with $1,000.00 being awarded each to one male and one female for First place and $500.00 awarded each to one male and one female for Second place.