Every morning prayers at Cabrini are dedicated to informing students about the horrors of Human Trafficking and special prayers for the victims of this horrible crime.

Let us unite as we continue our efforts to shine a light on slavery in our world. There are many ways to take action and only you can decide how you will make a difference, but there are a few simple ways you can help the movement to end it:

  1. Educate yourself—and then you can help others understand the issue.
  2. 2. Start the conversation in your home, your school, your community.
  3. Learn the signs.
  4. Be a voice
  5. Pray:

Holy Spirit, be with us as we pray as a school community.
Open our hearts to the victims of human trafficking.
Increase our wisdom as we battle this evil.
Deepen our compassion for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are victims,
Help us to live in a way that honors everyone’s dignity.